Mobile Book Library

With minimal resources and lack of funds we have however been fortunate enough in receiving assistance from donors for some of the basic needs to set the first phase of our project in motion. Our mobile book corner is now under way and has benefited 62 children thus far at two Day Care Centres in disadvantaged communities.

We aim to address the troubling reality that young children in these communities do not have access to reading material as much as they require for their educational development.

The availability of library services for young children is crucial for early brain development and their acquisition of speech and language and should be seen as important to meet their exploratory, sensory and literacy needs. We know there are some of the brightest minds waiting to be nurtured.

Our next phase is to introduce a toy/game library for Social skills, imagination, fine and gross motor development.

Your support will enable us to strengthen the library corners in further outreach rural communities and assist us in finalizing all phases of the project.

River of Life Day Care Centre : Buffalo Flats

Rosedale Day Care Centre : Amalinda