Our projects and related service offerings are aimed at disadvantaged communities in outlying rural areas within Buffalo City Municipality in the Province of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

These communities are grossly neglected and receive little or no support from Government or other organizations, placing them at a distinct disadvantage in terms of teaching aids and learning programmes.

The projects listed under sub items of this menu heading are aimed specifically at providing educational benefit for children in Day Care Centre’s of these underprivileged communities and to give them access to other privileges they have never experienced.

Many Day Care centre’s in these deprived communities do not have the benefit of electricity and the various phases of our project listing will cater for 220 Volt/500 Watt Solar Power stations units that will afford the source of electricity needed to support our onsite educational displays and workshops.

These children have not previously had the benefit of a visual method of this nature for education and it will clearly bring a new excitement and perspective to them in their learning patterns.

The following are some of the supplementary opportunities that communities will benefit from by the objectives of our projects.

  • Enhanced learning environment
  • Elevated level of education for both teachers and children
  • Reduction in unemployment through provision of work opportunities
  • Assistance in establishing a source of income for residents in the communities
  • The setting up of Day Care Centre’s in communities where these do not exist
  • The benefit of a feeding scheme for both residents and children of the communities

All projects in our listing fall within the boundaries of the Department of Social Development and Educations aim to improve the quality of partial care services and early childhood development per services specifications for financial year 2017-2018 dated 17 February 2017 addressed by Chief director Musa Ngcobo-Mbere.

National planning development addressed school needs to meet the basic infrastructure and equipment standard set by National Department of Basic Education. The backlog requires that target action be addressed on the lack of basic infrastructure such as water, electricity, library, books, teaching resource and educational outings. (National Development Plan: Vision for 2030)