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About Us


Keir Lethemba foundation owes its origin to the founder Charlene Keir,  who in her prescience to help others, realized an opportunity to turn her dreams into reality by offering the right ingredient to contribute to change and put right the many issues prevalent within poor communities where neglect, refusal and evasion of social responsibility has placed those less fortunate in a very precarious and adverse situation.

This has had severe impact on early childhood development in the mainly rural areas that unquestionably, by snowball effect, has reverberated into the emerging youth that we see today.

Charlene, in her private capacity, has been a volunteer charity worker since 2003 and thereafter, from that point on,  been actively involved in a number of support projects in the field of childhood development and relief.

Soon she realized that to achieve her goals was a practical impossibility on her own and with the full support of her family, opened and registered the NGO.

Her dedication led her to study further in the following fields to give qualified background and credence to the cause she so desired to promote.

2010 : N 4-N 6 Educare certificate and Diploma (Best Student Award) – NQF Level 5-6 – Buffalo City FET College

2011 : Honours in Social Science ( Sociology Development, IDS ) – NQF Level 8 – University of Fort Hare

2013 : Master of Education – Early Childhood Development – NQF Level 9 – University of Fort Hare.

Her goals are appropriately seeded in her vision and mission statement on the website.