Our priority project at this stage is to rebuild a day care centre in Buffalo Flats that was recently destroyed in a fire and upgrade a foster home connected to the site that caters for 85 underprivileged children and 30 orphans respectively.

Within the scope of our first project we aim as well to establish a training centre that will specifically concentrate on the manufacture of outdoor equipment for free distribution to aftercare centres in impoverished outlying areas of Buffalo City. We envisage creating jobs with this sector to reach 20 employees in the first 6 months.

To enable us to achieve this we will be most grateful if you could support this cause with a generous donation. By the help of your monetary assistance, however small, our organization will be in a situation to provide the necessary support to a substantial number of underprivileged individuals in the community.

As a newly established NGO we do not at this stage have annual accounts.