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KLF - Uplift disadvantaged day care centres by improving learning environment and provide quality learning programs.


To facilitate development of a brighter future for the country it is essential this process starts with our youth who to all intent and purpose are our future!

In order to accomplish this the development of young children is a priority. It is our plan and intention to seek support and do all that is humanly possible to uplift disadvantaged day care centres, improve learning environment and provide quality learning programs for the less fortunate.

Many young adults who have grown up in a poor and disadvantaged environment lack the opportunity to hold a meaningful place in society.

Our objective is to offer them the occasion to do so through career guidance, skills development, experience and support that will empower them to reach their full potential through professional careers and higher education so as to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

Another issue of vital importance and concern is that of poor families in rural areas, especially the aged, who find great difficulty in the mere element of survival owing to their unfortunate environment and circumstance.  Our aspiration is to provide care and cause for the fragile and aged in these disadvantaged communities and serve individuals and families in the poorest of communities.

With all that is said and for the purpose of simplicity. We plan on uplifting all those who are disadvantaged and poor in the segments of, youth, adult and elderly and make it our mission to actively promote the continued improvement of these services to meet national needs.